Science Outreach Training

Science Outreach Training

A training program for early-career quantum physics researchers to create and build their personal science outreach portfolios


  • Increase understanding of types of outreach, different audiences, and help students realise that what works for them personally and academically.
  • Provide practical experience of outreach through a wide range of activities.
  • Increase understanding of the benefits of outreach.
  • Create a suite of outreach products.
  • Create an outreach portfolio to document experience, tools and skills.

What are QuSCo students’ personal motivation to do outreach?

  • Eliminate scientific misconceptions.
  • Motivate women and underprivileged groups to explore science.
  • Extend my personal CV.
  • Make research more accessible to society.
  • Share my love for science.
  • To show that researchers are also normal people, not all geniuses.
  • Communicate with industry stakeholders and policymakers.
  • Training my communication skills.
  • Improve my personal knowledge and understanding.


Stage 1: Workshop/ Session

Stage 2: 1st Draft

Stage 3: Peer-Feedback Process

Stage 4: 2nd Draft

Stage 5: Expert feedback

Stage 6: Final Product

Timeline of the sessions

  • March 2019:

    Blog, Infographic, Simulation

  • September 2019

    Scinote + Composer

  • June 2020

    Benefits of outreach

  • August 2020:

    Outreach tools and Activities

  • September 2020:

    Inquiry-based learning

  • October 2020:

    Outreach Portfolio

  • January 2021:


    Portfolio presentation

  • January 2021:


    European Researchers’ Meet

Gallery of outreach products






Outreach portfolios

Simone Magaletti

Simone Magaletti Thales I am Simone Magaletti and I was born in Bari (Italy). After my master degree in Physics...

Nimba Oshnik Pandey

Nimba Oshnik Pandey Technical University of Kaiserslautern/University of Saarland Primarily, my work includes development of control software for confocal microscope...

Marwa Garsi

Marwa Garsi Technology Transfer Initiative – SQUTEC "Crystals are like people, it is the defects in them which tend to...

Amit Devra

Amit Devra Technical University of Munich, Germany I am pursuing a Ph.D. from TU Munich in the group of Prof....

Federico Roy

Federico Roy University of Saarland; IBM research Zurich Superconding qubits are macroscopic devices that exhibit quantum behaviour. This has advantages...

Max Werninghaus

Max Werninghaus Max Werninghaus, IBM Research Zurich My research concerns the control of finite- and infinite-dimensional quantum systems, via mathematical...

Tiantian Zhang

Tiantian Zhang Vienna Technical University I am Tian Tian and I am a PhD student in experimental matter-wave interferometry at...

Shaeema Zaman Ahmed

Shaeema Zaman Ahmed University of Aarhus I am Shaeema, and I am exploring the potential of gamification of quantum optimal...

Alastair Marshall

Alastair Marshall NVISION My name is Alastair and I’m currently doing my PhD within NVision Imaging Technologies, a Quantum technology...

Phila Rembold

Phila Rembold University of Padua - Jülich Research Centre - University of Ulm I am a PhD student working on...

Emmanuele Albertinale

Emmanuele Albertinale French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission In my research I focus on detection of microwave photons using...

Vardan Martikyan

Vardan Martikyan Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté My name is Vardan Martikyan. I was born in Yerevan, Armenia. I received my...

Andrea Muni

Andrea Muni National Center for Scientific Research – Collège de France I was born in Tortona (Italy) on 19th October...

Fernando Gago Encinas

Fernando Gago Encinas University of Kassel My name is Fernando Gago and I was born in Madrid, Spain. I finished...

Eugenio Pozzoli

Eugenio Pozzoli French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation My research concerns the development of mathematical methods to...