QuIC is happy to announce that our project has been successfully completed! To see the result of our work, check our publications, and the work done by our ESR in the outreach section!

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Quantum technologies aim to exploit quantum coherence and entanglement, the two essential elements of quantum physics. Successful implementation of quantum technologies faces the challenge to preserve the relevant nonclassical features at the level of device operation. It is thus deeply linked to the ability to control open quantum systems. The currently closest to market quantum technologies are quantum communication and quantum sensing. [read more]

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The QuSCo team has been assembled around three streams of synergies – collaboration between theory and experiment (based on pairings such as UNIKASSEL/CNRS.CdF, UULM/TU WIEN, USAAR/IBM etc.), collaboration within each physical platform (atoms, NV centers and superconducting circuits), and collaboration on methodology in both theory and experiment. [read more]

QuSCo aims to expose its students, at the same time, to fundamental questions of quantum mechanics and practical issues of specific applications. Albeit challenging, this reflects our view of the best possible training that the field of quantum technologies can offer. Training in scientific skills is based on the demonstrated tradition of excellence in research of the consortium. It will be complemented by training in communication and commercialization. [read more]

The planned research is organized in three scientific work packages, covering the theoretical foundations of quantum optimal control for quantum sensing, all tasks required for the quantum sensing of classical signals and all developments necessary to realize quantum sensing of quantum signals. The scientific work packages are complemented by work packages for training, outreach and dissemination, and management.

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