Eugenio Pozzoli

French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation

My research concerns the development of mathematical methods to control quantum systems. A physical system has often an infinite-dimensional spectrum of energies (unbounded energies!), so that approximation techniques are convenient for studying the whole system, in order to reduce its complexity.  Important examples of systems which show unbounded energies range from atoms in a cavity to molecules and their rotational dynamics. Crucial approximations to reduce the complexity of the system are the adiabatic one, used to control slowly varying systems, and the Galerkin one, used to break degeneracies. As the development of quantum devices faces the problem of a quantum system interacting with the environment, I am also interested in translating the currently available techniques into the open quantum systems framework.

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Poster on chiral molecules

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Inquiry-based Learning (IBL): symmetries

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  • 12th Jan. 2021

    European Researchers’ Meet

  • 22-24th Sep. 2019

    Science is Wonderful! 

    My video has been selected to be part of the Online exhibition’s gallery space

  • 2th July 2019


    Participated to the video challenge on Twitter launched by the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission