Max Werninghaus, IBM Research Zurich

Max Werninghaus

Max Werninghaus, IBM Research Zurich

My research concerns the control of finite- and infinite-dimensional quantum systems, via mathematical methods. Approximation techniques are usually applied for studying the whole system, in order to reduce its complexity and be able to analyze it via algebraic methods. Important examples of systems which can be tackled with these techniques are molecules and their rotational dynamics. Another relevant technique, beside approximations, is given by the adiabatic control of open quantum systems. An example here is the STIRAP process. There, I am interested in the spectral properties of the adiabatic evolution of a control system, seen as a perturbation of a closed dynamic.



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  • 2020-09

    QuSCo second school


    The second school of the european ITN QuSCo

  • 2020-02

    APS March Meeting


    Annual conference of the american physical society.

  • 2019-10

    Phimale IBM visit


    The student organization Phimale of the ETH in Zurich was invited to the IBM Research laboratory. Early stage researchers offered labtours and presentations followed by a joined apero.

  • 2019-10

    Quantum Industry Day


    At the Quantum Industry Day in Zurich several industry partners in quantum research gathered and shared presentations and booth discussions.

  • 2019-10

    Internal IBM PreDoc conference


    At the IBM PreDoc conferences early stage researchers present their work and spark discussions and collaborations at the IBM campus.

  • 2019-09

    IBM workshop on Quantum Control


    Researchers of several IBM locations gathered and presented research on the control of quantum machines.

  • 2019-09

    DPG Meeting


    Annual meeting of the German physical society

  • 2019-08

    SPS Meeting


    Annual meeting of the Swiss physical society

  • 2019-03

    First QuSCo school


    At the first QuSCo school on quantum optimal control and sensing, several members of the field presented a broad variety of thematic topics.

  • 2019-01

    Heraeus Seminar: Scalable Hardware Platforms for Quantum Computing


    European Quantum Flaggship kick-off meeting with major contributors from the quantum computing industry


  • 2018-10

    OpenSuperQ Workshop


    European Quantum Flaggship kick-off meeting with major contributors from the quantum computing industry