Here we collect all the posters produced by the students

Phila Rembold

Shaeema Ahmed

Amit Devra

Max Werninghaus

Alastair Marshall

Tiantian Zhang

Federico Roy

Vardan Martikyan

Simone Magaletti

Eugenio Pozzoli

Marwa Garsi

Marwa Garsi, Technology Transfer Initiative – SQUTEC

Nimba Oshnik Pandey

Nimba Oshnik Pandey, University of Saarland

Emanuele Albertinale

Emmanuele Albertinale, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

Andrea Muni

Andrea Muni, National Center for Scientific Research – Collège de France

Fernando Gago Encinas

Fernando Gago Encinas, University of Kassel