Tiantian Zhang, Vienna Technical University
Tiantian Zhang, Vienna Technical University


I am Tian Tian and I am a PhD student in experimental matter-wave interferometry at Atominstitut, Technische Universität Wien. I graduated with Master of Science in Physics and Mathematics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2017. I have also worked as an intern student at Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore which is where I got introduced to atomic physics. I conducted my Master thesis in Okinawa Institute of Science and Technologies focusing on engineering chaotic behavior in few-vortices-system in two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) using GPU based mean field simulations.

Interferometry is a family of techniques exploiting the interferences caused by superimposed waves, which are mostly electromagnetic waves. It plays a very essential role for precision measurements in metrology. My PhD topic is on using BECs as matter-waves to perform such an interferometry. This interferometer then serves as a quantum sensor for probing fields that are typically insensitive to optical interferometers. I am particularly interested in used quantum squeezed states of BECs to perform measurement with precision orders below the standard quantum limit.


  • Zhang, T., Schloss, J., Thomasen, A., O’Riordan, L. J., Busch, T., White, A. (2018). Chaotic fewbody vortex dynamics in rotating Bose–Einstein condensates. Physical Review Fluids, 4(5), 54701.

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