Eugenio Pozzoli, French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation
Eugenio Pozzoli, French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation


My name is Eugenio Pozzoli and I am a mathematician. Science has always proved to be important to me, in particular for its relation with the surrounding world. In this connection, I developed an increasing interest in physics, and in the beautiful theory of quantum mechanics.

After having obtained a bachelor degree in mathematics at the University of Rome La Sapienza, I moved to Trieste (Italy) to join and get a master degree in the research center SISSA in mathematical physics. Then, I decided to live in Paris and be part of the QuSCo project, as a PhD student in the field of  quantum control, in the research center INRIA. A great advantage of being an early stage QuSCo researcher is the chance to meet the network beside this project, and collaborate with many experts in the field of quantum sensing and control.

My scientific interests are mainly focused to geometric control theory applied to quantum physics. Recent research showed that quantum control theory can further develop using geometric techniques, and right in this field I am carrying out my studies.


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  • M. Leibscher, E. Pozzoli, C. Perez, M. Schnell, M. Sigalotti, U. Boscain, C. P. Koch “Complete Controllability Despite Degeneracy: Quantum Control of Enantiomer-Specific State Transfer in Chiral Molecules”. arXiv:2010.09296.
  • I. Beschastnyi, U. Boscain, E. Pozzoli “Quantum confinement for the curvature Laplacian in 2D almost-Riemannian manifold”. arXiv:2011.03300.



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