Federico Roy, University of Saarland; IBM research Zurich
Federico Roy, University of Saarland; IBM research Zurich


I am Federico Roy and I am currently working with Prof. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch and Prof. Stefan Filipp on my PhD, with the aim of bringing together control techniques and system characterisation.

My current work focuses on control of superconducting qubit devices that have been shown to be a strong candidate for quantum computing.

My passion for the field of quantum mechanics began in my first year of undergraduate physics: I was, and remain today, struck by its elegance, beauty and mathematical rigour. Consequently, I was determined to complete an honours research project (4th year) with a group in this field. In 2016 I joined the Quantum Control Laboratory (QCL), and worked there for a year and a half under the guidance of Prof. Michael Biercuk.

My master project involved the development of a numerical method used to improve the speed of two-qubit entangling gates (MS gates) in trapped-ion technologies. Previous work analysed the effect of noise correlation on the most widely used quantum verification methods. In 2017 I completed a Bachelor of Science (Advanced)(Honours) at the University of Sydney, graduating with a double major in mathematics and physics, and a first-class honours.


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  • R. Milne, C. L. Edmunds, C. Hempel, F. Roy, S. Mavadia, M. J. Biercuk (2020). “Phase-modulated entangling gates robust to static and time-varying errors.” Physical Review Applied, 13(2), 024022.
  • Mavadia, C. L. Edmunds, C. Hempel, H. Ball, F. Roy, T. M. Stace, M. J. Biercuk (2018). “Experimental quantum verification in the presence of temporally correlated noise.” NPJ Quantum information, 4(1), 1-9.

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