I am Shaeema Zaman Ahmed from India, and I am a PhD student in the Quantum Measurement and Manipulation Group (QMMG) at Aarhus University led by Prof. Jacob Friis Sherson.

I graduated in M.Sc. Physics from the University of Delhi, India where I specialized in astrophysics. I have also worked for a few years at one of India’s science communication agencies, Zlife Education where I got the opportunity to experiment with my ideas of teaching and communicating physics through citizen science projects, science festivals, and educational workshops. I moved to Denmark in the pursuit of exploring new research opportunities. Currently, my primary research area is in the field of visualization and gamification of complex quantum control tasks. In a nutshell, my PhD will focus on building gamified interfaces and tools for assisting researchers in performing quantum control optimization techniques in ultra-cold, many-body experiments. I am also interested in investigating the use and impact of quantum games and simulation tools for research, education, and outreach, which will be explored through the PhD project as well. Additionally, I am involved in conducting the outreach training sessions for QuSCo as well.


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