ESR Vardan Martikyan receives Poster award

We are happy to announce that the EIPHI graduate school awarded our ESR Vardan Martikyan (UBFC) with a prize for the poster on the work he has done under the supervision of Prof. Dominique Sugny. The prize amounted to 750€  for attending conferences.

The presented work [2] focuses on the simultaneous control of an ensemble of springs [3] and on its applications to FTICR (Fig. 1) and NMR. the research findings [2] indicate the respective advantages and shortcomings of different control protocols such as adiabatic, shortcut to adiabaticity (STA) [1] and optimal control theory. the research [2] shows the possibility of mapping spins to springs not only under optimal forcing but also under STA pulses. The selective, robust broadband and ultrahigh fidelity narrowband pulses that were obtained can be expressed in an analytic form. Finally, the work shows that these pulses can be successfully applied to FTICR (Fig. 1), NMR and quantum computing. As a matter of fact, this is the first application of OCT to FTICR (Fig. 1) [2].

[1] V. Martikyan, D. Guéry-Odelin, D. Sugny, Comparison between optimal control and shortcut to adiabaticity protocols in a linear control system, Phys. Rev. A 101, 013423, 2020
[2] V. Martikyan, A. Devra, D. Guéry-Odelin, S. J. Glaser, and D. Sugny, Robust control of an ensemble of springs: Application to ion cyclotron resonance and two-level quantum systems, Phys. Rev. A 102, 053104, 2020
[3] Jr-Shin Li, Justin Ruths& Steffen J. Glaser, Exact broadband excitation of two-level systems by mapping spins to springs, Nature Communications 8, 446 (2017)

Fig. 1 Schematic representation of ions trajectories in the experimental cell of FTICR