QuSCo @ ReGAME cup 2018

During this year edition of the ReGAME cup, the project QuSCo has the chance to showcase some of its recent development.

ReGAME (Research-Enabling Game-Based Education), brainchild of the group Scienceathome,  uses games to relate research challenges to core curriculum – to cultivate a love of learning and curiosity for how the world works. Utilizing gamification and ‘extreme’ citizen science we aim to revolutionize 21st-century education by nurturing students creativity and intuition. The ReGAME cup is aimed at primary and high-school classes. The students are challenged in physics, social science, psychology and mathematics through research computer games.

One of the games used during this year ReGAME cup, Quantum Moves, includes direct access to optimal control, whose development has been a major work of the QuSCo Early Stage Researcher Shaeema Ahmed (University of Aarhus).

For more information, please visit https://www.scienceathome.org/education/regame/