Scientific training events in QuSCo

Young researchs in QuSCO receive bespoke crossdisciplinary training in aspects of theory and practice of optimal quantum control

First QuSCO school:
A deep dive into theoretical and practical tools

Student–organized workshop:
Young researchers organize a workshop with internal speakers and guests on their own

Second QuSCO school:
Deepening your understanding of optimal control in an industrial setting

International conference:
Show off what has been achieved to the community


Training in development

Young researchs in QuSCO learn much more than core science skills on their way of becoming research leaders of the future Continuous training

Idea factory:
Develop an idea into a grant proposal or a business plan

Develop your portfolio for public engagement and communication


Continuous training

Training happens beyond our events

Supervision and experience through an experienced academic and industrial advisors

Spend structured time to learn from multiple places in the network

QuSCo on air:
Electronic seminars

QuSCo reference library:
Learn what is best to lern from