Here we list all the current publications which involve our students and acknowledge the project.

When the article is not directly available in open access on the publisher’s website (gold open access), We also include the links to the ARXIV versions (green open access).

Published papers


  • M. Werninghaus, D. J. EggerF. Roy, S. Machnes, F. K. WilhelmS. Filipp“Leakage reduction in fast superconducting qubit gates via optimal control.”
  • U. Boscain, E. Pozzoli, M. Sigalotti “Classical and quantum controllability of a rotating 3D symmetric molecule.” arXiv:1910.01924
  • M. H. Goerz, D. Basilewitsch, F. Gago-Encinas, M. G. Krauss, K. P. Horn, D. M. Reich, and C. P. Koch. “Krotov: A Python implementation of Krotov’s method for quantum optimal control.” arXiv:1902.11284 .