Simone Magaletti

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Simone Magaletti, Thales
Simone Magaletti, Thales

I am Simone Magaletti and I was born in Bari (Italy). In 2017 I graduated in Physics at University of Bari. My principal

fields of study are Optics, Light-Matter interaction and Sensors. I am particularly interested in applied Physics and Innovations, and this in perfectly in line with my PhD subject in Thales TRT (Palaiseau, France) . It is about the coherent control, in pulsed regime, of NV centers’ ensemble for sensing application and magnetometry. At the same time I am attracted by the world of scientific popularization, where complex phenomena become available for everyone often in a funny way.

In addiction the scientific formation, I am really interested in the humanistic culture. Literature, Music and Photography are my principal hobbies. The same curiosity that invited me to study Physics, pushes me to travel and meet people. I am fascinated by different cultures and men stories.



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