Shaeema Zaman Ahmed

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Shaeema Zaman Ahmed, University of Aarhus
Shaeema Zaman Ahmed, University of Aarhus

I am Shaeema Zaman Ahmed and I graduated in M.Sc. Physics from University of Delhi, India. I have also worked for few years at one of India’s first science communication agencies, Zlife Education where I got the opportunity to experiment with my ideas of disseminating science through citizen science projects and workshops.

I moved to Denmark in the pursuit of exploring new opportunities in research and citizen science. I started my journey as an intern from Aarhus University in the field of theoretical and experimental atomic physics in the Quantum Measurement and Manipulation Group (QMMG). My primary research area is in the field of visualization and gamification of complex quantum control tasks. In a nutshell, my PhD will focus on building interfaces for assisting researchers in performing quantum control optimization techniques in ultra-cold, many-body experiments. I am also interested in the common interface of research, numerical citizen science and didactics, which will be explored through the PhD project as well.



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