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Phila Rembold, University of Ulm; Jülich Research Centre; University of Padua
Phila Rembold, University of Ulm; Jülich Research Centre; University of Padua

My name is Phila Rembold and I am a PhD student working on the optimal control of Nitrogen Vacancies (NV centres) in diamonds. I completed my Masters in theoretical physics in 2018 at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. My Masters’ dissertation was concerned with the shaping of electron wave packets using amplitude masks and phase plates. Beforehand, I gathered research experience during several internships in fields ranging from Astrophysics through the material science of fusion reactors to simulating particle detectors at Fermilab.

These NV centres I am concerned with are especially interesting as their quantum state is comparatively easy to manipulate. Once set, the state does not change by itself even at room temperature for a reasonable time. This makes them an ideal candidate to create qubits. I will be working on an algorithm, previously developed at the Institute for Complex Quantum Systems (ICQ) in Ulm, Germany, to optimise the pulses that can manipulate these quantum states. NV centres cannot only be used as single qubits but may also be entangled, combined to create gates or serve as magnetic sensors. Optimisation strategies, both on the theoretical and experimental side, are crucial to ensure the success of any of those applications. Thus, I will concentrate on the theory of bringing the control up to a fault tolerant threshold and explore its fundamental limits. During my project I additionally plan on working with experimental groups in Ulm, Saarbrücken and Vienna to test and ensure the applicability of my work.



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