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Max Werninghaus, IBM Research Zurich
Max Werninghaus, IBM Research Zurich

I am currently working on optimal control of superconducting qubits at the Quantum Technologies department of IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland.
This project is a collaboration with the quantum and solid state theory group of Saarland University, where I am enrolled as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Frank Wilhelm-Mauch. My interest in quantum physics got started during my Master studies, when I focussed my courses and work towards the research of quantum systems and quantum information. For my Master Thesis, I worked on the precision control of cold atoms trapped in optical lattices, as part of an experimental discrete time quantum simulator setup in the group of Prof. Meschede at the University of Bonn where I obtained my Master in Physics in May 2017. I continued working as scientific assistant until May 2018 when I joined IBM Research and the Saarland University as part of the Marie Curie European Training Network QuSCo.

The research conducted within this project entails the development of optimal control methods for fixed-frequency microwave qubits. The goal is to improve gate fidelities, to optimize system identification and calibration sequences and to investigate the use of optimal control in applications for quantum chemistry and classical optimization problems.
During the last year a novel software and hardware framework which allows to perform multidimensional parameter optimizations with a high repetition rate has been developed.

Improvements to the experimental setup on the software- as well as the hardware-end have led to a decrease of both loading and actual measurement time of the experiments by one and two orders of magnitude, respectively. This is due to the results of ongoing investigation into experimentally optimized pulse shapes in order to decrease pulse durations with unchanged or improved pulse fidelities.



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