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Fernando Gago Encinas, University of Kassel
Fernando Gago Encinas, University of Kassel

My name is Fernando Gago and I was born in Madrid, Spain. I finished both my Mathematics and Physics Bachelor’s degrees and my Theoretical Physics Master’s degree at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I have a background in optimal control theory applied to quantum systems thanks to a collaboration done at the CSIC (Spanish national research council). My Master’s thesis involved some work with Krotov’s optimization algorithm and with superconducting qubits, delving into the implementation of quantum gates in transmons.

Currently I am doing my PhD at Universität Kassel with the aid of professor Christiane Koch. I have recently started working in the QuSCo project and will spend my first period as an ESR applying optimal control theory to Rydberg atoms, one of the best tools for quantum sensing. During this time I will also put some extra effort into developing controllability theory.



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