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Andrea Muni, National Center for Scientific Research – Collège de France
Andrea Muni, National Center for Scientific Research – Collège de France

My name is Eugenio Pozzoli and I plan to develop my research in the field of quantum control. Still, during high school, mathematics proved to be important to me, for how it relates with the surrounding world. Thus, I developed an increasing interest in physics, which I consider a link between them. Besides maths and physics, music and literature are key words in my life as well. Music has been always present in my life since I was I child, while I consider literature as a mirror to look inside me.

As a scientist, my interests are mainly focused to geometry and quantum physics. The first one being a fundamental tool to describe and understand models, while the latter represents a peculiar and extremely curious model which proved to be very successful in experiments. My master thesis can be considered as an example of the link between them, in that it deals with quantum confinement induced by highly hyperbolic geometries. In addition, they work together in the comprehension of semi-classical limits, and just for an example one can think of the angular momentum theory. Moreover, recent researches showed that quantum control theory can further develop using geometric techniques, and right in this specific field I will be carrying out part of my following studies.



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