Outreach and Dissemination

Aims to efficiently communicate research pursued within QuSCo and, at the same time, demonstrate the power of gamification and visualization as dissemination strategies for state of the art quantum physics research. Regular dissemination activities performed locally addressing the general public, students, researchers, decision makers and industry will be complemented by three specific initiatives:


Development and dissemination of interactive games and simulations

Optimal control algorithms will be incorporated into the existing Quantum Moves games on www.scienceathome.org and the SpinDrops app, developed by partner organization Glaser Systems, allowing players to learn about, compete directly with, and utilize interactively a suite of optimal control algorithms. This will allow audiences of all ages and educational backgrounds to understand and contribute to QuSCo’s research. To illustrate core scientific challenges and practices, a novel game on ’Lab Construction’ will be developed. It will interactively demonstrate the subtleties of lab management, via construction of a generic experiment, including subtle financial and scientific choices to be made in the design process. In addition, the network will expand the remote control quantum experimentation recently introduced by AU allowing citizens from around the world with no formal training to help optimize real experimental challenges in a playful manner. Dissemination of these games will advance knowledge of and interest in quantum physics research as well as STEM education and research in general.


Development of individual ESR outreach portfolios

ESRs will use adaptations of the AU and TUM graphical simulation packages to perform simple illustrations of their own research projects. They will design a ’game’ or graphical simulation relevant for their research and produce a small, easily accessible video presentation of their project. Selected games will be made available for the general public to play. Each ESR will write a popular science article on his/her research or a wikipedia entry on main quantum control concepts. ESRs will construct, under guidance from AU didactics researchers, targeted outreach packages or simple
learning trajectories for their line of research, consisting of simulations/graphical illustrations/games, small texts, and multiple-choice questions. These will target the general public as well as high school and/or university students.


Development and realization of local, on-site outreach activities incorporating novel teaching materials

The ESRs will adapt their outreach portfolio to a ’physical booth’ format and tour public science fairs such as the Danish Science Festival and the German Highlights der Physik, and conferences within adjacent fields such as chemistry and engineering, e.g., the annual European Control Conference (EEC). The material will also be used in local ’lab-nights’ and Girls’ Day events, in lectures for school kids on what is control and what can be done with it, and in a lecture on quantum control for a general audience which will be presented in conjunction with the International Conference.