QuSCo First School (25th February to 08th March 2019)

The QuSCo first school is the first event where all the QuSCo students and Principal Investigators come together. The school will take place at the premises of the University of Saarland Graduate School (see map below), from the 25th February to the 08th March 2019. During these two weeks, the students will have the chance to delve deep into the main topics of our project, such as Mathematics, Numerics, Josephson Juctions, atomic physics, nv centers, sensing and charectarization. The school will offer both lecture and practical excercise. During the school the QuSCo students will start to structure also their outreach package, thank to the support of the Aarhus outreach team.

During this event, the midterm review of the project will take place.

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